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Irish Political ReviewJanuary 2015Stormont House Agreement: Adams Avoids The Trap!EditorialJanuary 2015 Irish Political ReviewSinn Fein has agreed to social welfare cuts in Northern Ireland at the insistence of Dublin and London.
Irish Political ReviewFebruary 2015 British Party Debate— Unionists Left Out!EditorialFebruary 2015 Irish Political ReviewBritish Party Debate
Unionists Left Out!
The British in Northern Ireland want to take part in the British Election in Britain, and the British in Britain don't know what to make of it.
The Northern Ireland British agreed to be excluded from British political life in return for being 'connected' with the British state in other ways. They made that agreement as the "supreme sacrifice" for the British Empire, in 1921, to help it in its manoeuvring against the elected Republican Government of Ireland at the time. Now, three generations later, they are feeling left out in the cold.
Irish Political ReviewMarch 2015HysteriaEditorialMarch 2015 Irish Political ReviewThe political situation in the South has progressed—or regressed—towards something like the 1923 situation of Treatyites versus Republicans.
Irish Political ReviewApril 2015 Editorial The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!EditorialApril 2015 Irish Political ReviewWhen James Molyneaux died (March 9th) the Dublin Establishment felt it ought to say something nice about him because it appeared to hindsight that he was as good a Unionist as a Unionist could be, but the Protestant North is still terra incognito in the official Southern mind and comment on it can only be stilted, as the alternative to being nonsensical.

Irish Political Review2015.05.01Fianna Fail: Down the Plughole?EditorialIrish Political Review
Aubane Historical SocietyJuly 28, 2013Willowbrook - a flawed EdenJim O'Brienn/aA memoir of growing up in Millstreet, Co. Cork. New book added to Athol Books online sales site.
Athol Books9th., July 2013Obituary:—Ruari O'BradaighEditorialIPR, July 2013
Church & State9th., July 2013Egypt: Hardly A Coup ?EditorialChurch & State, 3rd Quarter 2013
Athol Books6th., July, 2013First Wold War Anti-German PropagandaEamon DyasProblems, No. 13, First Quarter, 2013
Athol Books5th. July, 2013Minimum Wage, Part TwoEamon DyasProblems, 2nd. Quarter, 2012
Athol BooksJune 29th., 2013Minimum Wage, Part OneEamon DyasProblems, No. 9 & 10
Athol Books13th., June, 2013The Dublin / Monaghan Bombings 1974 by Lt. Col. Morgan (Retd.)n/an/aDespite official enquiries into the Dublin/Monaghan Bombings, no satisfactory answers have ever been found as to who carried them out.  Even though these Bombings caused the biggest loss of life of a single operation of the whole Troubles, garda investigations were wound up after three months—with no proper explanation of what had happened;  no prosecutions were ever brought.
This book is about the efforts of Colonel Morgan to rescue the event from oblivion and to find answers as to what happened.
Athol Books10th. June, 2013Good Friday Agreement: Working Too WellEditorialIPR, June 2013
Athol Books10th. June, 2013The Ruins Of Croke ParkEditorialIPR, May 2013
Athol Books20th., April 2013Preposterous Paradoxes Of Ambassador MorgenthauSükrü Server Ayan/aNew book released by Athol Books (please scroll down the catalogue page).
Athol BooksApril 7th. 2013Cyprus: Euro-Imperialism or RescueEditorialIrish Political Review, April 2013
Athol BooksJune 29th., 2013Pope Francis I and the Scandal of Jesuit PowerEditorialC&S, Second Quarter 2013
Athol BooksMarch 13th., 2013Promissory Notes, Croke Park and the EuroEditorialIPR, March 2013
Athol BooksMarch 9th., 2013eBook edition of The Events Of 1915Pat WalshMarch 2013Please scroll down page, ebook of The Events Of 1915 In Eastern Anatolia In The Context Of Britain's Great War On The Ottoman Empire.
Athol BooksMarch 9th., 2013The Events of 1915 In Eastern AnatoliaPat WalshMarch 2013New pamphlet available for sale
Athol BooksFebruary 22nd., 2013Indigenous Democracy !EditorialIPR, February 2013
Church & StateJanuary 13th., 2013Vatican 2 - What Went Wrong?Jack LaneC&S, January 2013
Athol BooksJanuary 2nd. 2013Trade Unions: time to grasp the nettleEditorialIPR, January 2013
Athol BooksDecember 8th., 2012Therapeutic AbortionEditorialIPR, December 2012
Athol BooksDecember 5th., 2012Some Home Truths....EditorialIPR, November 2012
Aubane Historical SocietyOctober 26th., 2012Notice of launch of new book, Irish Bulletin, volume onen/an/a8:00 p.m. Ireland Institute, Pearse House, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin

All welcome.
Church & StateOctober 18th., 2012The Ulster Covenant Of 1912EditorialChurch & State, No. 110, 4th. Quarter, 2012
Athol BooksOctober 18th., 2012Political Resolution Of The Euro "Step By Step"EditorialIPR, October 2012
Athol Books1st September, 2012Northern Ireland:—Proconsul PoliticsEditorialIPR, September 2012
Athol Books2012-08-11The Irish Bulletin, Volume OneJack Lanen/aOriginally published by Dáil Éireann. Edited by Jack Lane, with an introduction by Brendan Clifford. Also available in a hardback edition.
Aubane Historical Society2012-08-02The BardBarry Keanen/aA new book published by the Aubane Historical Society.

The Bard by Barry Keane.

John Robert O Sullivan made Millstreet famous during the Land War. His fight with the landlords and land agents led to intense repression in Millstreet between 1881 and 1891. At one stage the small town of Millstreet had more than 80 armed police to enforce the law. This book tells the story of his life, the main events of the Land War at that time, and his eventual conviction in 1891 at a show trial in Nenagh before 'a hanging orange judge with a packed jury'. He received 24 years hard labour, leaving a wife and six small children behind. This is also the story of their struggle to survive in the face of impossible odds.
About The Author
Barry Keane is a History and Geography teacher and the author of a number of books and articles across many subjects including Protestant decline in post-independence Ireland. He is also a mountaineer and has authored a series of five hill-walking and rock-scrambling guidebooks for the South of Ireland. Most importantly for this book he is the great grandson of the Bard.
Athol Books2012-07-30Euro Crisis: Politics of Recovery Vs. Politics of IllusionEditorialIrish Political Review, August 2012
Athol Books2012-07-15The Genesis of National Socialismn/an/aNewly published by Belfast Historical & Educational Society. The Genesis of National Socialism by T. Desmond Williams, edited and introduced, with supplementary material, by Brendan Clifford.
Church & State2012-07-08Plumbing The DepthsEditorialChurch & State; July 2012
Athol Books8th. July, 2012Introduction To The 1831 Trial Of William CobbettJoe KeenanProblems, July 2011
Athol Books2012-07-08Democracy—SyriaEditorialIrish Foreign Affairs, June 2012
Athol Books2012-07-08"Shaken, Not Stirred" ?EditorialIPR, July 2012
Athol BooksIst., June 2012Happy Anniversary!EditorialIrish Political Review, June 2012
Athol Books21st., May, 2012The Stability Treaty Referendum: the case for a "No" voteEamon Dyasn/a
Athol BooksMay 1st., 2012SyriaEditorialIPR, May 2012
Athol Books2012-05-01A New Treaty With 'Our Gallant Allies'Jack LaneIPR, May 2012
Athol Books2012-04-20Free PDF Issues Of Labour & Trade Union Reviewn/an/aTwelve issue of the Trade Union & Labour Review as PDF downloads.

From December 2010 to February 2012 inclusive.
Athol Books2012-04-19Is There A Labour Movement?EditorialLabour Affairs, March 2012
Aubane Historical Society2012-04-15The Dunmanway Killings: Curiouser & Curiouser......n/a
Aubane Historical Society2012-04-06Millstreet Miscellany No. 7n/an/aNew free download from the Aubane Historical Society.
Church & State2012-04-05No History Or False History: The ChoiceEditorialChurch & State, No 108, Spring 2012
Athol Books2012-04-02Fianna Fáil: on the road to nowhere?EditorialIPR, April 2012
Athol BooksFebruary 2nd., 2012William Cobbett's Rural War: IntroductionJoe KeenanProblems, Spring and Summer 2011
Athol BooksFebruary 2nd., 2012Milliband's New Labour Runs Up The White FlagEditorialLabour & Trade Union Review, February 2012
Athol BooksFebruary 1st., 2012The Right To DesertEditorialIPR, February 2012
Church & StateJanuary 28th. 2012Diplomacy?EditorialChurch & State, No. 107, First Quarter, 2012
Aubane Historical SocietyJanuary 17th., 2012Two New Free Downloads From AubaneJack Lanen/aNow available as free downloads: A Millstreet Miscellany, Number 6; The Marriage of Mary Ascension by George Egerton.
Athol BooksJanuary 1st., 2012The European Union Vs. The Euro-ZoneJack LaneIPR, January 2012
Athol BooksJanuary 1st., 201290th Anniversary Of... What?EditorialIPR, December 2011
Athol BooksDecember 3rd., 2011The Great War And The Forced Migration Of ArmeniansKemal Çiçek2011New book published by Athol Books
Athol BooksDecember 2nd., 2011Irish Solidarity With Cuba LibreManus O'Riordan2009New Book distributed by Athol Books for SIPTU.
Aubane Historical SocietyNovember 13th., 2011William O'Brien And His WorldBrendan Cliffordn/a
Athol BooksNovember 5th., 2011The 30th Amendment And The Rule Of LawEditorialIPR, November 2011
Church & StateOctober 28th., 2011Some Home Truths About State And ChurchEditorChurch & State, No. 106, October 2011
Irish Foreign AffairsOctober 21st., 2011Nationhood, Legitimacy, Sovereignty & StatehoodEditorialIrish Foreign Affairs, September 2011
Athol Books2011-10-02A President UnpartitionedEditorialIPR, October 2011
Athol Books2011-10-02Fianna Fáil And Sinn FéinEditorialIPR, October 2011
Athol Books2011-09-03Left No AlternativeEditorialIPR, September 2011
Athol BooksAugust 11th., 2011Northern Ireland: What Is It?Brendan Cliffordn/aNew book by Brendan Clifford now on sale.

Please scroll down the catalogue page for full details.
Athol BooksAugust 8th., 2011Summer Manoeuvres: PresidencyEditorialIPR, August 2011
Athol BooksJuly 28th., 2011The Nazi/Soviet Pact/WarEditorialIrish Foreign Affairs, July 2011
Athol Books24th., July, 2011Reply to Senator ManserghBrendan Cliffordn/aPamphlet available as free pdf download.
Church & StateJuly 11th., 2011Irish State In The DockEditorialChurch & State, 3rd., Quarter 2011
Athol Books2011-07-04Reflections On A StateEditorialIPR, July 2011
Athol BooksJuly 3rd., 2011Ton de Coro: From the civil war in Catalonia to Mauthausen Concentration Camp in AustriaJoe Keenann/aNew pamphlet by Belfast Historical & Educational Society.
Athol BooksJune 27th., 2011Michael Dwyer Obituaryn/aIrish Political Review, December 2010
Athol BooksJune 5th., 2011Jack Jones VindicatedManus O'Riordann/aFree Download.
Athol BooksJune 1st., 2011Her Nibs VisitsEditorialIPR, June 2011
Athol BooksMay 7th., 2011Pat Murphy Memorialn/an/a
Irish Foreign AffairsMay 3rd., 2011A New World Order!EditorIrish Foreign Affairs, April 2011
Aubane Historical SocietyMay 1st., 2011A Millstreet Miscellany (5)Jack Lane (ed.)n/aFree Download.
Athol Books30th., April 2011Of Vampires And Other Blood-SuckersJohn MorganIPR, May 2011
Church & StateApril 10th., 2011Inhuman HumanismEditorialChurch & State, 2nd Quarter, 2011
Athol BooksApril 5th., 2011Irish Election Result: Labour Opts For Permanent Fringe StatusEditorialIPR, April 2011
Athol BooksMarch 13th., 2011Must Labour Wait?EditorialIPR, March 2011
Aubane Historical SocietyMarch 6th., 2011Elizabeth Bowen debated in The Irish Examiner by Jack Lane, Martin Mansergh and othersn/an/aFree PDF download.
Athol Books4th. March, 2011Labour Must Lead The Oppositionn/an/aPress statement on coalition talks from Irish Political Review
Irish Political ReviewFebruary 2nd., 2011Melting Down IrelandEditorialIPR, February 2011
Irish Foreign AffairsJanuary 31st., 2011Why Is There Not A Special Relationship Between Ireland And Germany?EditorialIrish Foreign Affairs, December 2010
Irish Foreign AffairsJanuary 30th., 2011EditorialEditorialIrish Foreign Affairs, August 2010
Church & StateJanuary 28th., 2011The Usury CrisisEditorialChurch & State, Ist. Quarter, 2011
Church & StateJanuary 27th., 2011Henry The EighthismBrendan CliffordChurch & State, 4th., Quarter, 2010
Irish Political ReviewJanuary 27th., 2011Economic MindgamesEditorialIPR, January 2011
Aubane Historical SocietyJanuary 26th., 2011The Casement Case: How Did The Giles Report Investigate Casement's Handwriting?James J. Horann/aFrom British Association for Irish Studies – Newsletter –ISSUE No 31 JULY 2002
Irish Political ReviewJanuary 25th., 2011Ireland: The Political CrisisEditorialIPR, December 2010
Irish Political ReviewJanuary 25th., 2011Like A Virgin!EditorialIPR, November 2010
Athol BooksJan 20th., 2011Archives Section for Church & State and Irish Political Review addedn/an/aArchive of Church & State and Irish Political Review articles and editorials, 2002 - 2010.
Aubane Historical SocietyDec 24th., 2010A Millstreet Miscellany (4)Jack Lane (ed)n/aFree pamphlet newly available for download from Aubane Historical Society.
Athol BooksAugust 31st., 2010Trouble With Moderates…EditorialIrish Political Review, September 2010
Aubane Historical SocietyAugust 26th., 2010William O'Brien And His WorldBrendan CliffordAugust 2010New pamphlet published by Aubane Historical Society.
Athol BooksAugust 22nd., 2010Website Redesignn/an/aThe website has been redesigned as a content management system for current material from Athol Books magazines with areas for distributing free copies of past magazines and free pamphlets etc.

It is much less cluttered than it was and should prove to be easier to navigate.
Athol BooksAugust 14th., 2010Athol Books Notice Board - Coming Eventsn/an/a
Athol BooksAugust 13th, 2010The Anglo-Irish WarGeneral Sean MacEoin, Tom Barry et aln/aAn introduction by Brendan Clifford explores academic history writing.
Aubane Historical SocietyAugust 13th., 2010Argument Defending The Right Of The Kingdom Of IrelandConor O'Mahoneyn/aTranslated with an introduction by John Minahane.
Aubane Historical SocietyJuly 25th., 2010Details of Féile Dúthalla 2010n/an/aWill be held in Kanturk Co. Cork, August 27 - 30.
Aubane Historical SocietyJuly 19th., 2010Seán Moylan - was he a rebel?Jack Lanen/aFree PDF download of new Aubane Historical Society pamphlet.
Aubane Historical SocietyJuly 15th., 2010Millstreet Miscellany (3)Various Authorsn/aNew pamphlet available free from Aubane Historical Society. Download size is 4.8mb
Aubane Historical SocietyJune 29th., 2010Seán Moylan—Was He A Rebel?Jack Lanen/aNew pamphlet on sale at Athol Books Online Sales.
Athol BooksJune 29th., 2010Remembering GallipoliPat Walshn/aNew pamphlet on sale at Athol Books Online Sales.
Athol BooksJune 29th., 2010Whither Northern IrelandBrendan Cliffordn/aNew pamphlet on sale from Athol Books Online Sales.
Athol Books SalesMay 27th., 2010Belfast Politics with Thoughts On The British ConstitutionHenry Joy and William Brucen/aNewly published by Athol Books.

Introductory material by Brendan Clifford.
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