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Irish Political ReviewJanuary 2015Stormont House Agreement: Adams Avoids The Trap!EditorialJanuary 2015 Irish Political ReviewSinn Fein has agreed to social welfare cuts in Northern Ireland at the insistence of Dublin and London.
Irish Political ReviewFebruary 2015 British Party Debate— Unionists Left Out!EditorialFebruary 2015 Irish Political ReviewBritish Party Debate
Unionists Left Out!
The British in Northern Ireland want to take part in the British Election in Britain, and the British in Britain don't know what to make of it.
The Northern Ireland British agreed to be excluded from British political life in return for being 'connected' with the British state in other ways. They made that agreement as the "supreme sacrifice" for the British Empire, in 1921, to help it in its manoeuvring against the elected Republican Government of Ireland at the time. Now, three generations later, they are feeling left out in the cold.
Irish Political ReviewMarch 2015HysteriaEditorialMarch 2015 Irish Political ReviewThe political situation in the South has progressed—or regressed—towards something like the 1923 situation of Treatyites versus Republicans.
Irish Political ReviewApril 2015 Editorial The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!EditorialApril 2015 Irish Political ReviewWhen James Molyneaux died (March 9th) the Dublin Establishment felt it ought to say something nice about him because it appeared to hindsight that he was as good a Unionist as a Unionist could be, but the Protestant North is still terra incognito in the official Southern mind and comment on it can only be stilted, as the alternative to being nonsensical.

Irish Political Review2015.05.01Fianna Fail: Down the Plughole?EditorialIrish Political Review
Aubane Historical SocietyJuly 28, 2013Willowbrook - a flawed EdenJim O'Brienn/aA memoir of growing up in Millstreet, Co. Cork. New book added to Athol Books online sales site.
Athol Books9th., July 2013Obituary:—Ruari O'BradaighEditorialIPR, July 2013
Church & State9th., July 2013Egypt: Hardly A Coup ?EditorialChurch & State, 3rd Quarter 2013
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