Pat Murphy Memorial
Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy died on 1st April 2009 A valued comrade, long-time shop steward, trade union activist and stalwart of the Larkin Centre for the Unemployed.  In the 80s Pat came up with a "novel" solution for the then rampant unemployment—work. It was "novel" because most politicians, including those on the left, as well as many "community" leaders, believed mass unemployment was an inevitable and ineradicable feature of the the Irish economy and communicated that view to the society around them.  Pat and his colleagues helped set up hundreds of one-person businesses and co-operatives—many still going strong.  The Larkin Centre continues that work today. One of the projects now brought to completion by the Centre is "The Pat Murphy Community Garden" which has been constructed at Newcomen Court in Dublin's North Strand, where Pat lived for many years.    Attached is outline of the project.

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