From Irish Political Review—April 2005

In The Mire

After a brief moment of lucidity Kevin Myers (An Irishman’s Diary, 25-03-05) has regained his composure and he seems back to his old self. Apart from his disdain for accuracy (eg "the only Dáil they genuinely recognise is that of 1918"—the first Dáil met in January 1919, and so on) he proves his journalistic credentials by mocking his opponents instead of using solid argument. For example he quips "Not that I’d expect Cllr O’Toole—is that the first line of a limerick, by the way?—to know…etc." It took me a while to work out that he probably wants to call Cllr O’Toole a fool, or something similar. So, back to name-calling!

Well, since Kevin is so fond of limericks, I’ve written one for him especially in his honour. I should admit that it wasn’t really all that difficult as his own name lends itself rather easily to this form of rhyme. I am also sure he will take it all in good spirit, since he has himself declared the vocabulary not to be offensive. So here goes:

There once was a Kevin called Myers
Who dreamed of a land of Protestant Squires
He thinks children and Shinners
Are all bastards and sinners
But George Bush is the man he admires!

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